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the Guildhall
A local landmark...

A Place in History

The Guildhall that we see today was designed in the Renaissance style by architect Maurice Webb, and was inaugurated in 1935.

However, the Guildhall has stood on this site for several centuries, and between 900AD and 1016, no fewer than seven Anglo Saxon Kings of England were crowned here.

Next to the Guildhall, you will find the Coronation Stone, which marks the Coronation of Edward the Elder, Athelstan, Edmund, Edred, Edwy, Edward the Martyr, and Aethelred the Unready.

The stone was once used as a mounting block for horsemen in the early 19th Century, but in 1850 was officially inaugurated as a monument, surrounded by ornamental railings and placed in front of Clattern House which stood on the present Guildhall site.
The stone was moved to its position in 1935 after the completion of the new Guildhall.

If you are planning a wedding,

the Guildhall is perfectly placed to host your ceremony at The Old Court House, followed by celebrations in our Council Chamber or Queen Anne Suite.